Wednesday, June 6, 2012

That's my name, don't wear it out.....

My View On Female Supremacy

I always hear different people's idea of it and find that many have different ideas, definitions, and ideology of what female supremacy is and/or consists of. But how I approach it is thru empowerment, support, sisterhood & love. 

Being a woman is special. So much so that some men yearn to want to look, act, or portray a woman. Who blames them, WOMEN ROCK!!! We carry & birth life; we have a gift of femininity. Our emotional capacity allows us to think and maneuver better then out counterparts. We are just awesome creatures. And because of that I value being a woman and support all my sisters out there. 

When I see a woman I make it a priority to smile & compliment her. I do things to disarm her to show that I am not a threat and not here to be bitchy or catty towards her. I am always showing respect and making sure no negative energy seeps in. One thing I hate is when women are catty or hating on each other, it so unnecessary. The jealousy venom spewed at other women needs to stop. And I am a believer of being an example, and that is why I show love to my fellow woman.

I'm a realist, and know that though the world has more women than men in it, I live in a male driven society. There are many people, cultures and religions that oppress, degrade, and stifle women. We struggle daily to prove our worth and place in this world. We fight for rights and equality. Cattiness and insecurities run rampant among us, and that is why I live my life as an example empowering other women and letting them know I stand with them and for them. 

In the lifestyle, my style of play with female supremacy focuses on the highlights, strengths, & envy of being a woman.


Christina Aguilera - It's A Man's World (Live) (Grammy Awards 2007)

This is a man driven world and society, but we all women make the world go round

Christina Aguilera KILLED this!