Friday, December 20, 2013

Double Domme Foot Specials Jan 4-7 w/ Mistress Thick

The Lovely Mistress Thick will be joining me in double Domme foot specials in the Central New Jersey area January 4th - 7th.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Unknown Things: New Site For My Worn Personal Items

Now is your chance to own my personal belongings. I created a new website so that fetishist can indulge in their fetish w/my things. All Items* are $30. 

All orders will include: 
* Verification * First Class Priority Shipping w/ Tracking * TWO Watermarked Photos of ME wearing the Item *

You should expect:
*Made to order*
*FREE shipping in US*
*In-personal delivery (NYC/Long Island)*
*International shipping*
*Ziplock sealed shipping*
*Discreet packaging*

Check out Unknown Things for all the items available

 I cater to various fetishes such as cum, piss, yeast infection, etc.

*bras & shoes are marked at a higher price

I Wear The Mask Because...

Though I would love to scream from the mountain top that I am a dominatrix, my vanilla career trumps being loud & proud. Not everyone is as open enough to understand or accept my passion & I am actually cool with that. I love the underground feel of BDSM. Though 50 Shades made it a lil more commercial, hardcore BDSM is still unknown & taboo to the masses. I look at the lifestyle as kind of a secret society. It's not meant for everyone. 

I came up with Mistress Unknown due to my constant protection of my identity. I was actually brainstorming names with my good friend Mistress Thick. She came up with Mistress Mystique, but I didn't like it. I've seen a lot of other Dommes with that name. Then my boyfriend shook his head & said, "you always wanna be unknown"..... "YES! That's it", I said. "unknown, Mistress Unknown, that's me!"

Unknown encompasses my whole identity of discretion, secret, hidden, mysterious, privacy. It stuck and it manifested itself in me. Not only do I want to protect MY identity and privacy, but I also want to protect those I session w/ as well as those whom I meet in general in the lifestyle. I always say, "we like what we like, but we don't want others to know what we like" 

Why do I wear the mask? DUH! To protect my identity moron. But it also turned into a fetish for me. I like masks, more seductive, cute & creative masks. I'm not wearing a Freddy Kruger mask. Lolol. When I see them I want one. I like to create the mystery, & masks are a good way to do it. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

My First European Tour

Just got back from my 3 week Mediterranean tour and I had a Blast!!! I would like to thank all the wonderful people in the lifestyle that I met. Europe & dope and can't wait to return. 

When I spoke to my travel slave and told him I wanted to go to Europe & experience the BDSM lifestyle over there as well as the culture, he jumped to it & started with the planning. My goal was to see the wonderful sights such as Pompeii, Montserrat, the Bardo Museum, & Amalfi Coast to name a few. But I also wanted to conduct sessions & meet other Dommes & subs. Let me just say this, I DID NOT SLEEP FOR 3 WEEKS!!!! I went to 5 Countries & 16 cities. I limited my sessions to 2 per country except Italy where I did 5. I only sessioned with English speaking natives. Communication is key & sadly I'm only fluent in English. Below are a few pics from my adventures. Due to my STRICT confidentiality policy I will not show pics of the subs or sessions.

300 Euros from my first ever European session. This sub was an actual delight. He will always be in my memories since he popped my international cherry .... lolol 

I was soooooooooooo pissed off this night. I didnt even get 2hrs or wear from these stockings before they started running. SMFH! 

The infamous Collesseo aka Colosseum- One of the great Roman ruins

Via Condotti, this street gave me joy, especially when I walked out of Hermes :)

Michelangelo's Pieta & David. He was such a great sculptor.

I had to indulge in Italian wine!

The Tower of Pisa, as I try to use my Goddess powers to fix it....hahahahahaah

By far my FAVORITE European country, Monaco. Oh how I would love to live here. This place is magical and the subs here made me feel like a Queen!

The famous Monte Carlo Casino, sadly my sub gave me 1000 Euro and this is what I left. Roulette wasn't kind to Mistress :(

Velencia, Spain was lovely and so was the paella! Mmmmm Nom Nom Nom....

Beside Monaco, Tunisia, Africa was my second best country on the tour. I had to capture Coke cans in Arabic

The mighty ancient city of Carthage in Tunisia & me on a camel.... HUMPdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! lolol

Concordia Temple & Icarus in Agrigento, Sicily

As a histery buff I was excited when I arrived in Pompeii. On the right are the bones and plaster of the ancient people. On the left, is a tired dog on the city courtyard w/ the city's killer in the background: Mt Vesuvius 

The People of Pompeii were my kind of people, FREAKS! lol This is a postcard of the erotic frescos.

No those arent Loubotins, they are chocolate heels. they were so dope I had to take a pic....

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Family Guy's BDSM References

If you are a fan of Family Guy then you know all about their constant references to BDSM. Every time I watch an episode that has BDSM depictions I get tickled. Below are a few of them. 


Video courtesy of YouTube

BDSM Inspired videos are vanilla commercials, clips, videos, etc that causes me to think of the lifestyle when I view them. And, also makes me laugh or smile :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hotel Dungeon

I don't have a personal play space to conduct my sessions, especially when I'm traveling. Thus, I become creative & resort to alternative measures. When I cannot get space at a private dungeon, I hold my sessions in hotel rooms. Because I know vibes & atmosphere is important, I transform my rooms to have a dungeon feel. Below is a peek at a pre-session transformation. Because I was travelling, I had limited toys with me.

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I had a sissy slut bitch coming thru so I had some sexy clothes for her & some makeup for her makeup training. WEEEEEE HAD SO MUCH FUN!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

EXXXOTICA Expo Dungeon Experience - October 2013 (PHOTOS)

EXXXOTICA Expo Dungeon Experience - October 2013

 Big Titty Committee 
Mistress Vengeance, Mistress Unknown, Mistress Geneva Ardon

Mistress Thick & I laughing at some scrub boy

Mistress Unknown, Mistress Juliette, Mistress Red Waters, Mistress Thick



 Bitches love me...

I gave Mistress Vengeance's slave a nice spanking

The porn GOAT Ron Jeremy
Had to take a pic with the legend Ron Jeremy... He is so short

Jesus Loves Porn Stars AND Mistresses tooo....lolol

I need a lil scrub slave boy in this cage....

The Exxxotica Dungeon Family....and I am happy I was apart of it!