Friday, December 20, 2013

Double Domme Foot Specials Jan 4-7 w/ Mistress Thick

The Lovely Mistress Thick will be joining me in double Domme foot specials in the Central New Jersey area January 4th - 7th.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Unknown Things: New Site For My Worn Personal Items

Now is your chance to own my personal belongings. I created a new website so that fetishist can indulge in their fetish w/my things. All Items* are $30. 

All orders will include: 
* Verification * First Class Priority Shipping w/ Tracking * TWO Watermarked Photos of ME wearing the Item *

You should expect:
*Made to order*
*FREE shipping in US*
*In-personal delivery (NYC/Long Island)*
*International shipping*
*Ziplock sealed shipping*
*Discreet packaging*

Check out Unknown Things for all the items available

 I cater to various fetishes such as cum, piss, yeast infection, etc.

*bras & shoes are marked at a higher price

I Wear The Mask Because...

Though I would love to scream from the mountain top that I am a dominatrix, my vanilla career trumps being loud & proud. Not everyone is as open enough to understand or accept my passion & I am actually cool with that. I love the underground feel of BDSM. Though 50 Shades made it a lil more commercial, hardcore BDSM is still unknown & taboo to the masses. I look at the lifestyle as kind of a secret society. It's not meant for everyone. 

I came up with Mistress Unknown due to my constant protection of my identity. I was actually brainstorming names with my good friend Mistress Thick. She came up with Mistress Mystique, but I didn't like it. I've seen a lot of other Dommes with that name. Then my boyfriend shook his head & said, "you always wanna be unknown"..... "YES! That's it", I said. "unknown, Mistress Unknown, that's me!"

Unknown encompasses my whole identity of discretion, secret, hidden, mysterious, privacy. It stuck and it manifested itself in me. Not only do I want to protect MY identity and privacy, but I also want to protect those I session w/ as well as those whom I meet in general in the lifestyle. I always say, "we like what we like, but we don't want others to know what we like" 

Why do I wear the mask? DUH! To protect my identity moron. But it also turned into a fetish for me. I like masks, more seductive, cute & creative masks. I'm not wearing a Freddy Kruger mask. Lolol. When I see them I want one. I like to create the mystery, & masks are a good way to do it.